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Making affordable content rich courses for every child.

Hi Guys, 

Welcome to our website. Our goal is to make primary education affordable to parents.

With this belief, we have come up with courses that are very rich in content but very light on your pocket.

Thanks for your support and we hope that you will like it.

Our Popular Courses

100 Activities in 100 Days

Teach your child 100 activities in 100 days.

Rating : ★★★★

Price 399/- 

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Phonics in 60 Days (Step by Step)

Rating : ★★★★

Price 399/- 

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Drawing With Alphabets (100+ tutorials)

Make your child fall in love with drawing.

Rating : ★★★★

Price 199/- 

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Awesome course with very affordable rates.

My child has improved a lot taking up courses from Kids Fiesta. Must Buy!

Thank you for coming up with such unique courses.


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